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Automatic Dusters - Automatic dust removing machines AUTOMATIC DUSTERS Automatic Carpet Machine -

Automatic Dusters

The automatic carpet and rug dust removing machines, are designed to fulfill all necessities of small or bigger area rug cleaning companies. They operate by only one person achieving the machine maximum daily production. Using the power of over 40000 harmonic vibrations per minute, requiring the least possible amount of energy, the DUSTER type automatic dust removing machines, completely separates heavy soiling and dirt from any area rug while keeps the operation noise at extremely low levels. With the dry soil removed first, the cleaning or washing process becomes quick and easy.


Machine description

  • Main frame with rug feeding system
  • Beating / Vibration system
  • Dirt and dry soil extraction system
  • Conveyor belt table and rolling system
  • Main electric panel using Inverter drive system
  • Floating dust vacuum system (Optional)


Basic characteristics

  • Automatic dusting operation
  • Inverter drive electric panel as standard
  • Dusting speed can be switched from slow to fast any time
  • The carpet is coming out from the front bottom side and automatically rolled having the upper side of the carpet rolled in
  • Dust and soiling automatically exits the machine and placed into the trash bin
  • Dustings pressure same for all carpet thicknesses
  • Automatic speed alteration on carpet entering and exit to protect carpet heads, fringes and very lightweight carpets/rugs
  • Conveyor belt speed can be from 0 – 360 mm/min
  • Electrostatic painted steel construction
  • No need to bolt on floor
  • Low noise level
  • Vacuum system (Optional)
Height1.60m / 5' 3"
Length1.10m / 3' 7"
Overall widthDUSTER 340: 4.20m / 13' 9" --- DUSTER 420: 16' 5"
Max carpet / rug widthDUSTER 340: 3.40m / 11' 2" --- DUSTER 420: 4.20m / 13' 9"
Total motor powerDUSTER 340: 0,91kW --- DUSTER 420: 1.11kW
Vacuum power1,5kW / 2Hp
Controlling unitInverter
Main powerEuropean 3 phase 380V - 415V / 50Hz --- US Standards 3 phase 208V - 240V / 60Hz
Secondary power24V DC

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