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Automatic Dusters - Portable dust removing machines AUTOMATIC DUSTERS Automatic Carpet Machine - hantasystems.com

Automatic Dusters

The brand new Portable Carpet and Rug Dusting Machines type Duster MINI are designed to fulfill all necessities of small or bigger Carpet and Rug Cleaning Companies. They operate by only one user achieving the machine maximum daily production. Using the power of over 40,000 harmonic vibrations/min requiring the less amount of energy, the Duster MINI completely separates heavy soiling and dirt from any area rug. With all the dry soil removed first, the cleaning or washing process becomes quick and easy.
Designed using the latest 3D design software and manufactured achieving high accuracy in every part using laser and waterjet cutting machines requiring the minimum possible maintenance.

Height1.40m / 4' 7"
Length0.50m / 1' 7"
Overall width0.60m / 1' 11"
Weight60kg / 130lbs
Total motor power1.5kW / 2Hp
Main powerEuropean single phase 220V - 230V / 50Hz --- US Standards single phase 110V - 120V / 60Hz

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