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Automatic Washers - Steel automatic area rug and carpet washing machine AUTOMATIC WASHERS Automatic Carpet Machine -
  • Brand: Hanta Systems Company
  • Product Code: AMP-03 PLC 280 / AMP-03 PLC 340 / AMP-03 PLC 420
  • Availability: In Stock

Automatic Washers

The automatic carpet and rug dust removing machine, is designed to fulfill all necessities of small or bigger area rug cleaning companies. The machines’ PLC (Programming Logic Controller) is programmed to operate automatically without the users’ interference during cycle. It can be operated by only one person, achieving the machines’ maximum daily production.


Machine description

  • Pre-washing
  • Washing (4 brushes as standard)
  • 2 Rinsing sections
  • Carpet rolling
  • The AMP-03 PLC comes with a series of optional upgrades to make this automatic machine even more professional upgrading it to a point so it can fulfill all production needs even when the buyers’ company will grow.


Basic characteristics

  • Top quality PLC control system (Japanese brand)
  • Automatic operation
  • Mechanical and electronic system Self-Diagnostics
  • Operated by one person
  • Automatic carpet rolling after washing and rinsing
  • Manufactured using St37 steel
  • Electrostatic painted chassis (powder painted)
  • Conveyor bands with speed control
  • 4 washing brushes (automatic pressure system) as Standard
  • 1 cylindrical brushes for rinsing
  • 4 high pressure water units for rinsing
  • Water and detergent pumps included
  • 3 phase electric power 380-415V / 50Hz
  • Water and detergent pump included
Overall widthAMP-03 PLC 280: 3.40m --- AMP-03 PLC 340: 4.20m --- AMP-03 PLC 420: 5.00m
WeightAMP-03 PLC 280: 900kg --- AMP-03 PLC 340: 1150kg --- AMP-03 PLC 420: 1500kg
Max carpet / rug widthAMP-03 PLC 280: 2.80m --- AMP-03 PLC 340: 3.40m --- AMP-03 PLC 420: 4.20m
Detergent pump0.75kW / 1Hp
Rinsing pump3,1kW / 4Hp
Total motor powerAMP-02 PLC 280 STANDARD: 1.63kW --- AMP-02 PLC 340 STANDARD: 1.63kW --- AMP-02 PLC 420 STANDARD: 2.00kW
Controlling unitPLC / Inverter
Main powerEuropean 3 phase 380V - 415V / 50Hz --- US Standards 3 phase 208V - 240V / 60Hz
Secondary power24V DC

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