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Hanta Systems Company was founded in November 2005 and has more than 40 years of experience in carpet cleaning. To date, it has evolved to the point where its customer network covers the whole of Greece and 18 countries around the world. Now, more than 200 carpet cleaners, all over Greece, and more than 50 worldwide are equipped with products and machinery of our company.
The offices and the construction department of Hanta Systems. are located in Athens northern suburbs, in a place with easy access from any central hub. Our offices are housed in a space of 1000m2 and in specially designed spaces, the design and construction department of the company.


Hanta Systems Company© bases its successful course on the long experience in the field but also on the flexible and effective technical support department. This technical department has been designed based on the needs of its professional customers and is fully staffed with specialized technicians who cover the full range of products and services offered.

More specifically, these services cover:
  - Installation or upgrade of equipment and software
  - Training of operators at the level of operating and applications
  - Technical visits for equipment and software support
  - Equipment repairs
  - Telephone support
  - Study and consulting services for IT, networking and telecommunications applications
  - Support for marking and consumable services
Hanta Systems Company staff can visit your premises at any time, with suggestions for the ergonomic design of your space. Our technician will measure and study the production areas thoroughly and will suggest the best layout in terms of machinery and the production process areas. The site can also be studied by sending the floor plan by e-mail to our email address
Do not hesitate to contact us (technical and other information about our products, our services, questions, suggestions, etc.), describing your question clearly. All Hanta Systems Company personnel will be happy to serve you and provide you the information you need. Our commitment is the best cooperation between you and the best possible technical support to your business!